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Kenneth is the son of Kenneth and Shunquell Hart and the brother of Kaitlyn and Kennedi. He has always had a heart for helping children. Back in elementary school Kenneth used to say “I can’t,” but now he has grown to say “I can.” He wants others to know that’s a more positive out look on life. Kenneth wants to encourage children that whatever they put their minds to they can do, as long as they try their best. He wants to teach children that the process of learning something new may not be easy, and you may feel like giving up, but you have to keep going. You may feel like saying “I can’t,” but you have to say “I can.” Kenneth wants to change a negative mindset into a positive one. Kenneth understands that Philippians 4:13 has helped him overcome many challenging obstacles. He knows, he can do all things through Christ which strengthen him. His goal is to teach children that “No matter how hard things get, you have to keep trying and you will be the best at it.” Kenneth’s goal is to inspire all children to never give up.

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